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Is this a response to something? Who are you talking about?


On a side note, I am getting more and more confused by the terms that are being widely used. Like "postmodernism" here - why are you using it in relation to sexual practices? I assume that you link hedonism to moral relativism and deconstruction of arbitrary values in the "mind of the society", but this feels quite far-fetched to me. I mean, if that's the case, then I understand where you're coming from, but it seems like a huge oversimplification of a whole philosophical movement and demeaning it.

The other thing that is my pet peeve (and I am mentioning it here as a digression in hope that someone will clarify it to me) is the term "cultural marxism". I am not a philosophy scholar, and I don't really know shit about systematic philosophy, but I frankly don't see a connection between marxism (which, according to my microscopic knowledge, is mostly about physicalism and dialectics along with a hypothetical approach to declasscucking of society) and PC anti-intellectualism. I saw a few mentions about that Frankfurt School and how it tried to apply Marx's ideas to social sciences, and it already feels kind of wrong as it warps the term significantly. Nowadays when I see 'marxism' it usually refers to this weird... thing, instead of class struggle and dethronement of capital in economy.
I am just having a constant cognitive dissonance coming from these terms. Pls help.
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