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>and this ice-cream fragment triggered me
Yeah, but where is it from?

>as far as I know literally nobody consider themselves as cultural-marxist
Well, I believe this term was created to be pejorative, so no wonder. But I think we can call them lib-left?

>that's the problem with philosophy, everybody can interpret it in his own way.
Yeah, everybody can also interpret hard data their own way, but their interpretations can be wrong. Same goes to philosophy. Philosophers (usually) know exactly what they are trying to say, and there is exactly one correct interpretation.

>I hope it helps you to understand what I mean by using this term.
Sure thing. And thanks for the detailed reply.

I'll just add that I don't have a problem with postmodernism as long as it stays within the realm of intellectual stimulation games. But we definitely should not tear down our foundations of objectivity as long as we know for sure that they are wrong, cause it's nothing more than throwing poop at each other.
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