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>really? i assumed this is as crystal clear to you as it is to me.
Not really. Hedonism can be present without it. And a self-aware mind should, hypothetically, be able to adapt to different paradigms without degeneration. I'm not saying it's happening around us though.

>whats missing here is thoughts like "there will be no revolution until the system is destructed." thats what theyre doing now. they destruct the system. you are the system. the family is the foundation of the society. traditions are the society
You mean thoughts from Marx? But did he specify the "system" to be that, or are you adding this yourself?

>yes and no. marx ideology is itself deconstructive and just plain social. the frankfurt school combined it with psychology.
>no. its still the same antisocial, anticulture, antitraditional, antifamily antireligious spin. it may be look like the dictionary definition isnt the same, but the goals are the same: kill a civilisation, take over, build whatever you like.

As I said before, I don't really know much about Marx and his ideology. I haven't read his works. But the question is: have you? Are you relying on your own knowledge, or is it second- or third-hand? The "telephone" game is much more disruptive when ideology is involved.
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