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>The poles are even more conservative than the Austrians
The catholic faith and the conservatism in Poland have been declining in the last 20-30 years. I think we are "behind" in secularization partly as a result of decades of belonging to the Eastern Bloc, as the faith was suppressed by the authoritarian state (which gave people reasons to stick to it even more).
However, I think that the decline has at least stabilized, maybe there even is an incline lately, as the society gets more and more polarized, which attracts more conservative-leaning people back to the church.

>and they take their Catholicism way more serious
You are probably correct here. Polish christians are often as zealous as the American ones

>We have to import polish priests because there are to few Austrians doing it.
You mean you want less people to believe in evolution?
In general, I don't believe that would be a good idea. Polish Catholic Church suffers from rotting from the inside much more than from any outside issues (such as secularization and liberalization of society). Polish priests are corrupt, they have too much power, and they abuse it way too often (of course there are good ones, I personally know a few decent priests, but they are in a minority). If anything, they repel people, not attract.

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